Okay, here goes.

      Never in my life i’ve written a blog.But after months of sleeping and playing,well i think its time for me to do something with my life.I’ve started my own Internet Marketing Business,which you guys can call me if you want to know more.The reason i started my site is because i think i give me ideas,my plans and my goals.My passion is Fitness, but i’ve been taught not to confused between work and passion.

      For the past year or two ,i’ve been really into bodybuilding and fitness.It made me more confident with who i am and who i want to be,bodybuilding really taught me alot about life.But the sad reality is there isn’t much money being a personal trainer unless you are some fitness model such as Greg Plitt or Kris Gethin. As always,i’ve big dreams and big plans,i don’t want an ordinary life,i want to live the life that is lived by the most successful men which walked on planet earth. I want my life to be BIG, No matter how successful i’m gonna be in the future, one thing is for sure with my life, i will help as many people as i can . So i hope you guys can walk this journey with me as a friend or a business partner , lets make big things happen and live the most out of life.

the place where i want to be

the place where i want to be

Here is a picture of Miami, i’ll visit you soon! or even stay there! haha!

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