Power of the mind

I am writing! I am writing! I couldn’t believe it, to be honest i always feel like this is the last thing i would do. To me,writing feels like some nerd who either studies a lot or some people with creative minds and ideas like J.K Rowling or Suzanne Collins. Didn’t really do anything productive today so why not end the day with a post.

I never really studied a lot but i do know that the mind is one of the most powerful thing in this planet.Look around you, every single thing around you starts with an idea from someone. Without the brain,there would be no us,no technology,no power,no will,no inventions. I started discover the power of the mind and how it affects us when i first got into Fitness. Every rep i pushed, every mile i ran, it started with a bit of motivation but it always ends with the mindset i’m having during that moment.Everyone should know that for any individual that first joined a gym or started working out feels like hell for the first week or two. The pain from during the workout or the DOMS is too much for some, but the ones that go though the pain and carry on knows the feeling of accomplishment and success. Getting a six pack ain’t that easy as it seems, there are always some miracle fat burning pills or fat burning suit in the market,but does any of them work without a daily workout routine and a diet meal plan? The answer is NO.

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Walk up to a model or a hollywood star who had the body of your dreams and ask them how do they get the body they have today.The only answer you’ll get is hardwork and dedication.Where does the hardwork and dedication come from? and the simple answer is it’s all started from the mind of the individual.What you think is what you get,if you think negatively bad things always happen around you.Once you think positive, good things start to happen around you.Going to the gym, it’s not a surprise to see some quit after a week at the gym.”It’s too hard…..It’s just a waste of time…..It’s not working….. and yes,it’s all true.When your mind starts to think that this ain’t gonna work,your body starts to put less effort.No effort = No result.

If you truly want success so bad,you gonna do whatever it takes to reach your goal.I’m not referring to only in Fitness,Im referring to every single thing in life,from your career to your relationship to your ultimate goal in life.It all started with one thing and one thing only, the way you think.When the mind starts to want something it continuously keep thinking of that same thing over and over again,which creates the law of attraction.The law of attraction is something which exists in this universe but only a few truly knows how to make full use of it.The ones that apply it in their daily lives are among most of the richest and most successful men that are known to mankind.

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When an individual is set his mind on something, that thing will happen in a matter of time.Write down a list of things you want to accomplish in a year,keep thinking of those things again and again.Take a few minutes each day at different times of the day to practice this exercise,while driving,bathing,before going to bed,taking a poop,you name it.After sometime, look at that list again, believe me you’ll be amazed by what happened and what you’ve achieved without you knowing it.

Take a look at The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,it explains the power of the mind and how it affects us. For everyone who really wants to learn more,this is a must read.

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It’s not about what you think,its about how you think.The mind is a powerful tool,use it wisely.

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